Secular Maryland

If you sign up here you will receive 1-2 emails a week during the Maryland General Assembly regular session (which lasts for 90 days starting in January). The emails will identify the bills we support or oppose and include links to the testimony that we submit. There may also be links to email forms that simplify sending emails to lawmakers about particular bills and an end of session summary of which bills were vetoed by the a governor and which became law. There may be some emails at other times of the year. We may sometimes focus on executive branch regulations and actions, or municipal government. You can comment on, or propose, issue statements throughout the year on topics that we have reason to think will be relevant to future bills. Your email address will not be displayed nor otherwise be shared with anyone else (unless disclosure is compelled by law). You will be removed from the email list if you reply to an email requesting removal. 

We seek secular government laws that align with the available empirical evidence. We eschew laws that pamper to, or are based on, non-evidenced or counter-evidenced how-the-universe-functions ideologies, including beliefs that there is a supernatural realm that reaches into our universe. We support individual free exercise of religious beliefs provided that it does not interfere with the secular operation of government or the civic freedom and equality of dissenters. We oppose government establishment of theism.

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